So you are planning on having photos taken? Great! Here are a few things that you can expect from me.
First off, i'm not a poser, rarely will I pose a child. I might have a chair or a few props around but generally I stand back and let your child be themselves, because that's what i'm working to capture.
Outfit suggestions- Try to keep it simple, bold patterns compete with your little one for attention in a photo. Snaps buttons layers they tend to confine and almost always go askew while they are being them.
Hats- Love them! If your child has a favorite, by all means bring it we will try and get it worked into the session.
Preparing your little one for the sessions- Please DON'T.
Telling them to make sure they smile only makes them nervous and kids love to smile naturally. Those expressions happen when they are at ease.  Instead of telling them they are on their way to get their pictures done, try saying: today we are going to have some fun! Because, that's exactly what we want them to have!
Mom and Dad- If you can please stand behind me, your little ones will be looking for you and at you. I realize standing behind me might be a challenge at times, because i'm going to be on the ground moving here and there and working to engage and capture your little ones, with your help I know we can achieve it.
The most important thing is don't stress, relax and look forward to your session. I am!